Regular and routing maintenance may seem useless and unnecessary to some people, in fact it’s so mandatory and very very important. Scheduled service visits will save people’s money and also their time in the long run.

Optimal Functionality:

In order to keep elevator working at it’s peak performance, scheduled maintenance is needed. This regular maintenance will guarantee that all parts of elevator functioning well  together for a long time. Elevator scheduled service is exactly like servicing car. Nobody would skip oil change, buying new brakes or getting new tyre. That’s because people are well aware of how easily they can get into the trouble if they ignore these services. During regular elevator maintenance, a service technician will check that everything is lubricated, replace old and broken pieces with new one and make sure that all parts working properly. Postponing these activities will cause major damage to the elevator and unnecessary downtime and more expensive repairs will come alongside it. You can easily prevent these problems by keeping up with scheduled service visits.

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Ensure Safety and Satisfaction:

All elevator parts requires annual testing. Some of these pieces need five year testing to make sure elevator works properly. Once elevator pass all it’s tests, customer will receive certificate of operation. During the routing elevator maintenance, service technician will make sure that elevator is safe and is in compliance. Service technician will also make sure that elevator is free from all possible problems and issues that cause breakdowns.

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سرویس و نگهداری آسانسور

Malfunctions like rough rides, poor leveling and weak door operation can easily be deleted with regular elevator maintenance. Routin maintenance will keep buildings occupants safe from possible injuries and falls. Scheduled Maintenance is very very mandatory to keep elevators safe and at their peak performance.

سرویس و نگهداری آسانسور